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                  From the world's largest construction in hand tractor company launched the global strategy
                  from:Xingtai Tongde Machinery Co., Ltd time:2009-7-7 hits:3867


                      China as our inquiry construction group began to focus on the international market. Yesterday's motorcycle industry trend analysis and dealer meeting in 2005, construction group chairman Ken chan said: construction group 400 cc petrol engine has arrived in the United States, the secret is undergoing tests Jiang Dier companies in the United States, "once the test is successful, construction group will become the company's global OEM manufacturer".

                      Jiang Dier companies in the United States is the world's largest tractor manufacturing company, is one of the world top 500 enterprises, with annual sales of $20 billion, the company produces the tractors, agricultural machinery has a monopoly on global high-end agricultural machinery market.

                      On July 14, Jiang Dier invited by the United States, Billy Chen party secrets to the United States, 15 days for the investigation and negotiation. Finally the two sides reached a preliminary agreement: build a Jiang Dier gasoline engine OEM manufacturers in the United States, to change the company of the German diesel engine OEM manufacturers.

                      At the same time, the American Jiang Dier also focuses on the construction of 2400 outlets across the country. Chen said, the United States Jiang Dier tractor product will be through the construction of comprehensive into China. While became the Jiang Dier OEM manufacturers, construction group engine, automobile and motorcycle spare parts and other products entering the United States will fully Jiang Dier sales network, to enter the international market.

                      It is understood that in early September, the United States Jiang Dier will feedback back to test message. "In fact this is assured. Billy Chen confident in particular, because construction Jiang Dier tractor automobile air conditioning has been successfully used in the United States.

                      During the period of study in the United States, many dealers all want to be the exclusive agency construction of a 400 cc atv, but Billy Chen to be turned down. Billy Chen said, "we have launched the state built some work in the us market." He said, by the end of next year, construction to be 49 states set up outlets in the United States, realizing a complete coverage of sales. After waiting for the U.S. market overall win, then reach to Europe, the americas, until fully occupy the international market, "can get 10% on each market share is enough". - related news The enterprise only 20 next year across the country

                      Yesterday afternoon, when Ken chan had an interview with our reporter, for the future development of the help put forward its own Suggestions, and encourage the chongqing help fought back in the disadvantage, cement industry "leader" status.

                      Billy Chen cited the enterprise to reduce the country data, 2004, 155, our country has the enterprise by march this year, there are 24 motorcycle production enterprises, and by now, only 93 in the companies. "Japan is composed of more than 300 reduced to four." To Chen, China's enterprises to reduce the time is too slow, he predicted that by the end of next year, the enterprise in China is only 20.

                      Chongqing motorcycle help has power, but is it too hesitant, Billy Chen to encourage the help, the motorcycle is a business opportunity attractive industry, the help should focus on well motorcycle, "do not have other distractions", only in this way, the chongqing motorcycle sector was able to continue to become bigger and stronger, when China's motorcycle industry "leader".

                      He said analysis, the future market competition to the brand development, proprietary technology, is no longer the price plus varieties. He predicts the future trend of the development of motorcycle industry, he says, in both policy and market under the double "attack", the enterprise's future development will be "three pillar" age: a line of the enterprise brand, second-tier companies area, the three lines are marginalized. (reporter Wang deli)





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